The interiors — a textured material palette of matt black off-form concrete walls with highlights of blackened steel along the balustrades — exudes a sense of raw aesthetics that incites the imagination and evokes creative self-expression.



At stage level, an operable wall opens up as windows into the city, offering an inspiring backdrop for the arts while illuminating the Studio Theatre with natural daylight.



A combination of 200 person retractable seating unit and additional loose seating offer flexibility for multi-configurational theatre formats.



Built using a box-in-box construction, the enclosure of the Studio Theatre is carefully isolated to minimise transmission of structural borne vibration and air borne noise.



The room is equipped with a complete audio-visual and production lighting infrastructure to facilitate performances in any configuration.

A mezzanine gallery all round affords added flexibility for stage production set up while technical access at high level is via a tension wire grid, allowing for safe access to production lighting and scenery rigging without the use of ladders.