SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

A ceaseless wanderer at heart, Irene believes that a little meander now and then helps one gain fresh perspective on life and enrich the mind and heart. In all her journeying, Literature has remained a firm constant, the North Pole that enables her to navigate and sail through uncharted territories in Life. Having just returned from two years of exploratory travel in East Asia and Central Europe, she is inspired to bring her knowledge, insights and experiences to the classroom, particularly in the teaching of Literature.

Irene took up a Singapore Government Scholarship (Teaching) to study Literature in English and graduated with a First Class Honours for her Bachelor’s Degree, where she completed the University Scholars Programme and was placed on the Vice-Chancellor’s list (National University of Singapore). She obtained a Distinction for her Masters in Literature (University of Melbourne) and thereafter began her teaching career.

Irene’s university studies have enabled her to explore the UK, the US, Australia, as well as her native homeland, Singapore. Her learning has been informed and improved by the diversity of experiences she gained by living in a plethora of continents and being steeped in the rich cultures of various English-speaking countries.

Commensurably nomadic in her work endeavours, Irene has acquired a multiplicity of experiences that enhances her classroom teaching. She has taught in government and non-government schools, and has also spent 2 years working intensively on curriculum and pedagogy matters at the Ministry of Education. During her time as Subject Head of Literature, she aligned and redesigned the school’s Literature curriculum, co-created a multi-disciplinary annual festival for the Arts, and spearheaded a Literature enrichment programme for higher-ability students.

Here at SOTA, she firmly believes in the potential that Literature has to inculcate in students an informed appreciation of the world around them, and thereby empowering them to enjoy and make significant contributions back to the Arts.