SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
  TOK_Full_Esther Chiam_Photo 01Esther Chiam
Faculty of Theory of Knowledge

A born and bred Singaporean, Esther started working life first in the Singapore Foreign Service. While she enjoyed the learning and exposure there, she was constantly nagged by the sense that it might not be a lifetime calling. Thus, she took a gap year and is thankful that she eventually found a vocation to belong to in teaching. She particularly enjoys interacting with students and learning about the world through their experiences and perspectives. She is a firm believer in the importance of critical thinking and in equipping students to not just think, but to think well for themselves and the world they live in, against the pulse and values of the society they live in. She is grateful for the privilege to enable students to hone this critical life skill.

Esther graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Hons). She has about 18 years of experience in education, including four years teaching History, Social Studies, and English Language, and three years at the Ministry of Education (MOE) where she focused on a wide repertoire of teacher development and the facilitation of Learning Circles, facilitating workshops in Singapore and Hong Kong. She is also a trained Teacher Renewal facilitator. She then spent another 11 years teaching General Paper, Language Arts and Project Work in Victoria Junior College, where she also led staff development processes.

While she is an avid consumer of the arts, she laments her lack of artistic talent. That has not stopped her from accessing what is beautiful and powerful in the way the arts speaks to and about the human condition. This is why she is looking forward to learning with and about the education that is in the making at SOTA.