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  IMG_0123-fang siweiFang Siwei
Faculty of Visual Arts

Siwei graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 2008 at the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore, in Industrial Design. During her training as a student, she was awarded several prizes with distinguished project collaborators such as Swarovski, RISIS and DELL. Shortly upon graduation, Siwei was selected and invited to join the Design Incubation Centre, a design research laboratory which investigates and develops new tools of design in order to find new possibilities for the practice of design.

In 2010, Siwei was conferred the prestigious President’s Design Award for her contribution to ‘Objects Around The Tablescape’, a collection of daily objects that focuses on the visceral and emotive quality of materials; synthesizing different fragments of investigations, thoughts and design studies into everyday objects.

She has travelled extensively to Paris, Milan and Kyoto to exhibit these works and the collection has since received critical acclaim and response from the international design community. In 2011, she introduced and presented the first collection of MADEFORSAM, a product design initiative by the Singapore Art Museum with 40 multidisciplinary artists, designers and architects from Singapore, at international exhibitions in New York and Paris.

As a practicing designer, Siwei has also been involved with freelance lighting design projects, curatorial efforts for retail gallery spaces and design strategies for design businesses in Singapore. She has also conducted design thinking workshops with students, academic researchers and professionals from the industry to increase awareness and appreciation for the process of design and its relevance in generating fresh insights and development of innovative thinking.

Concurrent to her tertiary education since 2006, Siwei has also been actively involved with community-development and orphanage work in North-West China, conducting English teaching camps, youth training workshops, potato agricultural efforts and medical outreach teams for local villages and communities. She strongly believes in the need to reach out to communities and youths at risk, and to provide opportunities for personal development and further education.