SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Students specialising in Visual Arts will acquire knowledge, understanding, and technical abilities in a range of mediums, forms, and expressions. They will be able to create artworks ranging from drawing and painting, to ceramics and sculptures. Through experimentation and imagination, they will learn to harness their artistic impulses for creative outcomes.

Students will gain knowledge and understanding in the formal, theoretical, and historical aspects of visual arts, and expand their analytical and critical abilities in art practice, art theory, and art history. Students will also learn to investigate and document their reflections, interests, ideas, and art-making processes.

Key Programmes

  • Masterclasses, talks, and workshops by local and international artists
  • Learning journeys to local and overseas exhibitions, festivals, and art institutions
  • Regional and international exchanges with partner institutions
  • Collaborations with industry partners and arts organisations

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding and application of the elements and principles of art and design
  • Demonstrate skills, techniques, and processes required to communicate concepts and ideas through fine art, design, and digital media
  • Be able to articulate meaning and representation in fine art, design concepts, and media art studies
  • Be able to create artwork influenced by personal and cultural contexts
  • Be able to articulate personal creative ideas and visual vocabulary through a rigorous process of exploration and documentation in various mediums and disciplines
  • Strong communication and collaborative skills

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