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Under the Shadow of the Banyan Tree

Published on Oct 08, 2017

Under the Shadow of the Banyan Tree

SOTA Visual Arts faculty member Mr Jason Lim held a solo exhibition, Under the Shadow of the Banyan Tree, from 22 September - 8 October 2017! This exhibition featured a new series of unique clay and terracotta plates alongside two large installation works and a series of rare paper works that were shown for the first time. 

Under the shadow of the banyan tree opening

SOTA teachers and students with Mr Jason Lim (centre) at the opening of Under the Shadow of the Banyan Tree.

Combining his skilled craftsmanship in sculpting with influences from performance art, Mr Lim's ceramic pieces go beyond being merely objects of beauty! His works explore the dual characteristics of nature as both benevolent and malignant whilst expressing an acute awareness of human relations with them, and become subjects that provoke thought and interaction with the viewer. The exhibition is an embodiment of Mr Lim's interest in forms of nature and the Banyan Tree in particular takes centre stage as the philosophical underpinnings that drive his recent practice in ceramics.

More information on the exhibition can be found HERE.