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Ms Zen Teh delivers a talk at SAM and a solo exhibition in Bangkok

Published on Sep 28, 2018

Ms Zen Teh delivers a talk at SAM and a solo exhibition in Bangkok

Visual Arts faculty member, Ms Zen Teh, had a pretty eventful second half of the year so far!

In July 2018, Ms Teh was invited by the Singapore Art Museum to be part of a panel discussion for "Installation in Progress", an exhibition that deals with the history of exhibition-making at SAM. Ms Zen was joined by 3 other panelists to discuss institutional collections and collection-building.

In September 2018, she presented her solo exhibition Garden State Palimpsest in Bangkok, as part of The Photo Bangkok Festival 2018. Garden State Palimpsest explores Singapore’s constantly changing landscape and its residents’ relationship with the land. The photographic sculptures were handmade using image layering method onto interior finishing materials which are mostly varieties of granite and marble.

Photos by ARTIST+RUN

At the same exhibition was also Observations, an ongoing photo series by Ms Teh that documents her encounter with the places she has visited. The images presented in the exhibition resonated with the photographic sculptures, Garden State Palimpsest, where the landscapes presented have undergone change due to developments and were photographed on roll film and developed by hand by the artist.

Garden State Palimpsest was featured in Thai newspaper Bangkok Post as well. Read the article HERE.

For everyone that had major fear-of-missing-out blues, Ms Teh’s works were also featured in Mizuma Gallery’s “From the Archives” exhibition in Singapore. The exhibition presented various methodologies of each artists’ art-making process,

Continue inspiring, Ms Zen!