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Leroy Sofyan: Unfinished

Published on Jul 30, 2019

In Leroy Sofyan: Unfinished, Visual Arts faculty member Mr Leroy Sofyan invites viewers to consider deliberate and accidental dialogues through working with both constructed and ready-made objects. His works were exhibited at Oxley Bizhub from 27 April to 8 June 2019.

Through this solo exhibition, Mr Leroy considers the constant oscillation between security and growth, and the fine distinction between protection and being stifling. Are we wired to choose comfort over striving and growing? Does losing ignorance make one knowing or complacent? These disparities become woven into our daily lives, our visual perception and our knowing. His works nudge audience to contemplate the overlap of what we take for a given and to re-examine the values which shape our judgement and behaviour.

Leroy Sofyan Unfinished 2_Photo by 1961
Mr Leroy Sofyan with one of his works, 'Nailed Mop'. Photo courtesy of 1961.

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