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"Mountain Pass: Negotiating Ambivalence" by Ms Zen Teh

Published on Nov 01, 2019

Congratulations to Ms Zen Teh on her solo exhibition, Mountain Pass: Negotiating Ambivalence. During her two-month-long artist residency with Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, our Visual Arts faculty member investigated the relationship between man and nature through the geomorphology and construction sites in Bandung, Indonesia. Her exhibition ran for one month from 18 Jan to 17 Feb 2019 and presented photographic sculptures and large scale installations that expressed her response to the environmental situation. We were delighted to see her work featured on prominent Indonesian magazine @tempomedia and national newspaper Pikiran Rakyat too!

Selected art pieces from Mountain Pass: Negotiating Ambivalence were brought to Singapore from 13 Jul - 10 Aug 2019. Held at the Mizuma Gallery, this run of the exhibition included a series of documentary videos that offered a glimpse of the artist's process. Read more about the works and view photos HERE.

This article has been updated in September 2019 to include the second run of Mountain Pass: Negotiating Ambivalence.