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7th CDL Singapore Sculpture Award

Published on Dec 31, 2019
7th CDL Singapore Sculpture Award Winners

Congratulations to Year 6 IBCP Visual Arts student, Peerada Liewchanpatana, and Visual Arts faculty member, Ms Ng Wen Jie, on winning the 7th CDL Singapore Sculpture Award! Peerada topped the Student category, while Ms Ng won in the Open Category.

Peerada's introspective piece, Cycle, encapsulates the idea of the circular economy and pays homage to the Malay heritage through repetitive interwoven lines that mimic the weave of rattan used in traditional Malay games and crafts. Ms Ng's piece, Traditional Wisdom, resembles a ketupat (traditional Malay rice cakes wrapped in palm leaves) to remind the community of the practice of using palm leaves as a form of packaging. Her work celebrates the traditional wisdom in the Malay culture to reduce the reliance of single used resources. What beautiful ideas to celebrate efforts towards a sustainable future!