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Through the Lens of Student Photographers: SYF 2019

Published on Aug 02, 2019
2019 SYF_MOE_Student photographer_SOTA collage
SYF 2019 Celebrations captured by (left to right) Georgia Man, Anna Wee, and Karrisan Chua. Photos courtesy of MOE Facebook page

"Photography has always been a platform for me to capture beautiful moments of harmony and passion. I experienced the rich culture and diversity in Singapore, making the long hours of photo-taking worthwhile."
- Karrisan Chua, Year 5

The rousing finish of Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2019 Celebrations was captured through the lens of student photographers from 10 schools. 13 student photographers from SOTA were selected as official photographers to capture the celebrations at various locations including Our Tampines Hub, Esplanade, and Kampung Admiralty.

The SOTA student photographers are (in alphabetical order):
Aditi Bharade, Year 6
Alisa Brigid Yeo, Year 5
Anna Wee, Year 4
Caitlyn Lim, Year 6
Donna Chua, Year 5
Georgia Man, Year 4
Karrisan Chua, Year 5
Katherine Baek, Year 5
Marina Nielsen, Year 6
Park Seo Bin, Year 5
Shin Jiwoo, Year 5
Sung Yushin, Year 4
Woon Rae, Year 5

We are delighted that Anna Wee, Georgia Man, and Karrisan Chua's photos were featured on the MOE Facebook Photo Album. Click on the hyperlinks in their names to view the photos, and have a look at the full album HERE. Thank you, MOE for selecting our students to be part of this meaningful arts-filled celebration!

Well done to the SOTA student photographers who took such beautiful photos of the celebrations! We also thank Mr Alex Toh for guiding the students through this experience.