SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Challenging themselves to Mathematical modelling

Published on Oct 31, 2020

Congratulations to Year 5 students Justin Wong, Bryan Koh, Megan Yeo, Tay Jing Yun, Lai Mun Hei, Mak Yau Wai, Cherie Chong, and Alicia Ho for obtaining Distinction in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IMMC)!

An annual international competition on Mathematical modelling jointly organised by the Academy of Singapore Teachers, National Junior College, and Raffles Girls' School, IMMC promotes the teaching of mathematical modelling and applications at all educational levels of students, allowing them to experience the power of mathematics and to better understand, analyse and solve real world problems in real world contexts.

The eight SOTA students were specially selected to participate in the competition as they displayed an aptitude for applying mathematics in contextual situations. Through exposure to IMMC, students would be able to manage math projects in their IB years and learn to transfer their learning from school to apply concepts effectively. During the March holidays, the students spent five consecutive days to analyse the given problem, hypothesise, test and develop a working solution, before preparing and submitting a report. In the process, they learned how real-world problems can be translated into mathematical models (Mathematisation process) which can then be optimised.

Faced with tough competition from other schools, the SOTA team's hard work paid off as they received excellent results. Well done! We also thank Ms Ko Hak Chin and Ms Pang Soh Lian for their guidance throughout the competition!

SOTA Team 1 obtained Distinction at IMMC 2020
SOTA Team 2 obtained Distinction at IMMC 2020