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The Amazing Friends by DysCASia

Published on Aug 31, 2020

A team of Year 5 SOTA students have written and illustrated a children's story and video titled The Amazing Friends for children aged 4 - 7.

Being dyslexic herself, DysCASia's team leader Delia Linle Shamaney has personally experienced struggles of falling behind due to her inability to keep up with given standards. She noticed that observed that many do not understand the struggles of children with learning difficulties. "Partly informed by my lived experience, I observe that people do not sufficiently understand the struggles that children with neurodevelopmental conditions might face. Hence, my CAS teammates and I aim to increase awareness of dyslexia and ADHD amongst children, their caregivers and others so that more understanding and support for neurodiversity could be facilitated," said Delia.

Together with Ashley Tan, Gabrielle Khoo, Joy Ho, Rebecca Koh, and Subathra Bai, Delia aims to raise awareness and promote acceptance and support for learning difficulties such as Dyslexia and ADHD amongst children. The team hopes that their efforts in writing, illustrating and animating an original book can influence a shift of mindset towards valuing a child's holistic growth, inclusivity, and teamwork.

Support the team and their amazing initiative by watching their video HERE and following their Instagram page HERE.

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