SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Enriching learning through Borderless Learning Units

Published on Oct 31, 2020

After the exams, students enjoyed a fun-filled Borderless Learning Units (BLU) programme, learning together and bonding with their peers through a variety of activities. In the Cultural Enrichment Programme, students had the opportunity to experience and experiment with a variety of cultural arts and crafts.

Cultural Enrichment Programme at BLU 2020

Year 1 students learned that there are four ways a figure can be transformed on a plane in Transformational Geometry. Each student had the chance to draw and transform a figure, after which they could design and decorate what they had drawn. Year 4 students, on the other hand, constructed Voronoi diagrams to determine the possible location of a coffee store. After exploring possible Voronoi patterns in nature, they designed their own graphics using the diagrams.

Transformational Geometry and Voronoi Diagrams at BLU 2020

For the Year 1s who had just joined the SOTA community and did not have much time to get to know their classmates, team building activities were specially planned for them during BLU. From playing games in small groups to learning outdoor survival skills, they overcame obstacles and bonded with one another.

Year 1 Team Building at BLU 2020

With the support of Temasek Foundation, experts in local and traditional Asian art forms were invited to SOTA for the 'Refreshing Traditions' programme. Students explored traditional genres within their art form that they may not usually have the chance to participate in. It was a meaningful experience which fostered students' appreciation for traditional art forms and encouraged them to reimagine how these can preserved and revitalised for the future.

Refreshing Traditions at BLU 2020

'Think Global, Act Local' was the theme of the annual Gotong Royong event this year. Directly translated to "communal work" or "mutual help" from the Malay language, the six-day event was organised by 11 Year 5 students for their juniors. Through talks, workshops, and learning journeys, Year 3 and 4 students met community experts and practitioners, including Mr Gregory Burns, Ms Joanna Dong, and Ms Siti Noor Mastura. We thank all speakers and instructors for sharing candid insights into their experiences and for inspiring our students to make a difference through their own community service projects next year.

Gotong Royong at BLU 2020