SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Artistic and Creative Professional

Connecting theory with practice, SOTA’s specialised arts programmes emphasise real-life creative processes that aim to develop strong artistic capabilities and dispositions, including critical thinking skills, creative awareness, and discipline, among students.

SOTA offers specialised training in Dance, Film, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. Each course is designed to develop students to attain understanding, expression and mastery in their art form.

The SOTA Specialised Arts Curriculum aims to enable students to:

  • Establish fundamental knowledge and skills in the respective arts disciplines
  • Anchor creative thinking through bold and reflective artistic practice
  • Engage in inter-disciplinary connections, conversations, and collaborations
  • Understand the relationship between arts and society in local, regional and global contexts
  • Develop an artistic identity and drive for lifelong learning and engagement with the arts

Besides specialised arts training, students are exposed to the full range of art forms and learn to make connections across them through the Integrated Arts Programme. Students who demonstrate outstanding artistic capacity are offered advanced learning opportunities under The Arts Excellence Programme (AEP).