SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Students specialising in Theatre will embark on a learning journey that includes aspects of performing, directing, playwriting, critique, stage management and production design.

Students will gain a creative appreciation and respect for a wide range of theatre traditions, dramatic styles, forms, processes, practices, conventions, and values through practical experience and develop their creative voice and vocabulary. They will discover the value of theatre in a range of social and cultural contexts and develop skills and values for theatremaking and lifelong learning.

Poster 1 Oedipus 2018

Oedipus, 2018

Key Programmes

  • Masterclasses, talks and workshops by local and international artists and arts educators
  • Regional and international exchanges with partner institutions
  • Opportunities to rehearse and perform studio presentations
  • Participation in professionally simulated productions
  • Excursions to professional theatre performances

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of theatre, performance, and design
  • Demonstrate understanding of the nuances of the various theatre traditions, forms, and conventions
  • Be able to collaboratively devise theatre with a keen awareness of society, community, and industry
  • Be able to conduct independent research and reflection with a critical view and global awareness
  • Approach viewing and experiencing theatre and performance with a critical and reflective perspective

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