SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

The SOTA Leadership Academy (LeAd) is an elected student leadership body. It represents and serves the interests and needs of the student body and supports school initiatives and functions. The Leadership Academy develops student leadership in SOTA and consists of three branches:

Class Management Committee Council
(CMC Council)

Leadership Studies Committee
Communications Committee

2015 SOTA LeAD 1

Class Management Committee Council (CMC Council)

The CMC Council engages students in learning about responsibility, decision-making, creativity and the role modeling of leadership attributes through active involvement of school affairs on a class or level basis. The CMC Council works closely together with the Class Management Committees (CMCs) in the school. Apart from empowering students with the opportunity to develop a school culture that aligns with school values, CMC members also support welfare initiatives that benefit SOTA and its students.

Projects include:

  • CMC Training

    CMC Training equips CMC members with the skills needed for them to effectively carry out their roles and duties as the elected leaders of their class. SOTA’s school culture is cultivated in the classroom and branches out to intertwine with the shared ideas of our community. CMC members are a valuable role model in the creation of a vibrant school culture that is grounded in the core values of SOTA.

  • Classroom Cleanliness & Decoration Campaign

    The Classroom Cleanliness Campaign promotes student ownership of their classrooms through the encouragement of tidy workspaces. The Classroom Decoration Campaign encourages students to express pride in their class culture through classroom decorations. These two campaigns promote the overall well-being of students by giving them a conducive and positive learning environment to thrive in.

  • Teachers’ Day Celebration

    The CMC Council organises celebrations on the eve of Teachers’ Day for teachers and staff to thank them for their contributions to the school.

Leadership Studies Committee (LSC)

The Leadership Studies Committee (LSC) researches and develop the Leadership Studies curriculum. Through service learning and CAS, leaders are trained and empowered to lead these projects to further their leadership skills. The LSC also develops practices of social advocacy in arts-based service learning. This is done through thought leadership and the understanding of best practices in service learning.

Projects include:

  • Gotong Royong

    Gotong Royong or ‘kampong spirit’ is a student-driven conference that shares the best practices on arts-based service learning and student leadership. This conference is a culmination of year-long projects which our students are actively involved in and leading. Through this sharing with students both in and out of SOTA, we hope that it would spread the spirit of service and giving to a wider community. 

  • Gotong Royong 2

  • Arts-based Service Learning Project Grant

  • Working with the National Youth Council, the LSC has put together an arts-based service learning project grant for youth. The grant encourages more youths to carry out arts-based service learning projects and understand the impact that the arts can have on community groups. The grant will reach out to a minimum of 10 groups formed by youths both in an out of SOTA and includes a mentorship component where the youths will be trained on how to apply the arts in service learning.

  •  Level-based Focus Group Discussions

  • Focus group discussions are held within each cohort to engage students on school issues and build a bridge between the student body and the school leaders. The LSC then works with students to collate opinions and propose solutions and ideas to improve student life.

Communications Committee (Comms)

The Communications Committee focuses on the needs and welfare of the students within art forms as well as across cohorts. The Communications Committee also assists in school outreach programmes such as Open Symposium and Open House and organises school-wide events to promote a greater camaraderie.

Projects include:

  • Fireworks Action

    Fireworks Action brings the SOTA community together during the National Day Parade period where students view the fireworks display on the SOTA rooftop. The Committee organises a wind-down session of band performances, fund raising efforts and a rooftop picnic.

  • Graduation Night

    Each year, the Communications Committee plans the Year 6 Graduation Night. The Year 4 students in the Communications Committee are supervised by Year 5 students, and they work closely with the Year 6s to plan Graduation Night.

  • The Buddy System

    The Buddy System is an opt-in initiative where students can give help to or receive help from their buddies. The cross-year initiative encourages stronger relationships across levels.

  • Online Platform

    Making the most of digital technology, an online platform now connects the SOTA Alumni and current students. Additionally, the platform includes electronic versions of The Loop, a student-led school magazine that provides school updates for students.