SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Hana Goseling started her professional dance studies (specialising in classical ballet) at The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (The Netherlands) at the age of 10, combining vocational and academic education. During this time, she won a scholarship as one of the most promising Dutch dance students. She continued onto the full-time dance programme at the same institution, which she concluded successfully by obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree.

As a professional dancer, Hana has worked with The Dutch National Ballet (The Netherlands), as well as Ballet Junior de Genève (Switzerland), after which she decided to study for her Master’s Degree in Dance Teacher Training (specialising in classical ballet). She obtained this Degree with Distinction at the Palucca University for Dance (Germany). During her studies Hana was part of the team behind the new production of Nutcracker (A. Watkin, J. Beechey) - a collaboration between the school and the renowned Semperoper Ballet. She was also awarded a scholarship for outstanding achievements during her teacher training.

As a pedagogue, Hana has taught at The Hammond School (United Kingdom) and lectured at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (United Kingdom), where she had the opportunity to expand her expertise by teaching practical and theoretical subjects, choreographing, rehearsal directing and re-staging works (both classical and contemporary), as well as investing in student support and providing pastoral care. She was welcomed as a guest teacher in multiple schools and conservatoires in the Czech Republic and Portugal, as well as the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. She has also led classes for companies such as Sydney Dance Company (Australia) and Verve (United Kingdom).