SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Wayne Ong graduated summa cum laude from Connecticut College with a BA in Dance and Biochemistry (Hons), where he trained in contemporary dance with distinguished faculty members David Dorfman, Adele Myers, Shani Collins, and guest artists Nicholas Leichter, Kyle Abraham, Andy LeBeau and Shane O’Hara.

As a professional contemporary dancer, Wayne has worked with Anna Myer and Dancers (Boston, USA) and Frontier Danceland (Singapore). At Frontier Danceland, he also served as the program leader for the M1-Frontier Danceland Pulse Programme from 2014-2016, designing and implementing the contemporary dance curriculum that the dancers would undergo.

Believing that the holistic integration of a person’s faculties of mind, body and spirit is integral, Wayne now hopes to nurture the growth of the SOTA community and plant seeds that will yield fruitfulness in the lives of those he encounters.