SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Daniel Chua
  • Subject Head, Community Services
  • Faculty of Experiential Education
Daniel Chua graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia, with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance.

After working as a tax accountant for 2 years, Daniel decided to pursue his twin passions of teaching and sport, thus joined the Ministry of Education to teach secondary school Physical Education and English on a contract basis. He went on to obtain his Postgraduate Diploma in Education specialising in Physical Education and English.

Prior to joining SOTA, Daniel taught at St. Joseph’s Institution (SJI) and Raffles Institution (RI), both of which were his alma maters. At SJI, Daniel was the Head Coach and Teacher-in-charge of the school Track and Field team, a sport which he is deeply passionate about. AT RI, Daniel taught PE for two years before he assumed the role of Year Head where he was involved in another area of interest, Student Development and Leadership.

Daniel believes that patience, love and discipline are key to nurturing potential in students of all ages and that involvement in Sport/the Outdoors and the Arts are essential for self-expression and the development of self-confidence and self-identity. These are important milestones of a child’s life in his journey of self-discovery and finding out where he fits into the world at large.