SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Ying Chian graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours, 2nd Upper) degree in Geography. She then attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.

As a teacher, Ying Chian has taught students from the Gifted, Special, Express and Normal Education Programme. These experiences have helped her to develop differentiated curriculum that best cater to the different learning needs of her students. She has also undergone International Baccalaureate's specialised training in teaching Geography and in guiding students for their Extended Essays.

Having published two research papers in Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography and International Geographical Journal Environment and Planning C in 2009, she has a strong inclination towards project-based learning. She is a strong advocate of this approach and is particularly interested in the area of field study; which she feels provide an engaging and less daunting platform to introduce and enthuse students about Geography.

Ying Chian enjoys travelling and photography. She believes the skills taught in Humanities complement the arts as it provides an all-rounded education and heightens awareness to the environment we live in.