SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Edward Ong holds a Master of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands and a teaching qualification for international education. A Dutch citizen, he has taught in IB schools in The Netherlands, Norway, and Malaysia, and also served as an MYP/IBDP teacher trainer and an IB examiner for English A: Literature. Ever since he began teaching the MYP/IBDP programme in 1998, he has been a staunch believer in holistic education, and believes that true learning can only take place once the learner understands the interconnectedness of all forms of knowledge.

Aside from English Literature, Edward has also taught Drama and Theatre Arts, and co-produced and directed high-school musicals. These are experiences that are invaluable to him, as they have taught him the meaning of camaraderie and teamwork.

Edward is also passionate about poetry, World Literature (works not originally written in English), and philosophy. He is fortunate enough to have seen some of his poetic efforts published, frequently takes part in poetry slams, and as recently as March 2017, gave a talk at TEDxUniversityofMalaya concerning repression and its consequences, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Yukio Mishima.