SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Compulsive dreamer in the day and melancholic insomniac by night, Jie Kai’s obsession with books, theories and ideas led to him reading English at Nanyang Technological University. There, he quickly snapped up as many Literature modules as he could, ranging from medieval studies to experimental fiction, and graduated in 2016 with First Class Honours.

Before coming to SOTA, Jie Kai taught English Literature and Social Studies at Manjusri Secondary School for several years. Aside from being a level coordinator for lower Secondary Literature, Jie Kai helmed graduating Social Studies classes for several consecutive years, and supported the school as one of the teachers in charge of the Chinese Orchestra. These experiences enable him to effectively manage students from different backgrounds, age groups, and abilities.

As an educator, Jie Kai strongly believes in establishing rapport with students. He hopes for his classrooms to be spaces for open exchanges in perspectives, refinement of ideas, and laughter.

Outside of the classroom, Jie Kai is passionate about corgis, (the idea of) minimalistic living, and unearthing indie music groups with their own unique sounds.