SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Asmadi graduated with an Honours Degree in Arts from Nanyang Technological University. Prior to joining SOTA, Asmadi taught Malay Language, English Language and Project Work. He has held several appointments as Head of Department (ICT), Officer-in-Command (NPCC), Aesthetics Coordinator and Corporate Communication-in-Charge.

As a former Head of Department, Asmadi spearheaded key projects on the use of technology for engaged learning. His innovative ideas led to improvements in curricular and co-curricular programmes. Under his leadership, the school embarked on Curriculum Design Lessons, incorporating elements of Baseline ICT Standards and Assessment.

His research paper was presented at the National ICT Sharing Session in 2008. His team also embarked on the MOE Virtual World Project (Geography and Chinese Language). He also set up the Teaching and Learning Lab and designed interactive multimedia trails.

During his 6 years as an Officer-in-Command in the NPCC, Asmadi's unit obtained Gold Award for the Unit Overall Proficiency Award (2005-2009). He also coached the Unit’s Shooting Team which held the defending champion for Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee’s Challenge Trophy for both Individual and Team .22 Revolver Shooting Competition (2005-2008). Asmadi has also organised a seminar on Innovation and Enterprise for all NPCC Cadets in Singapore.

As a Malay Teacher, Asmadi designed a series of lessons incorporating National Education values and the use of technology using the constructivist approach. He pioneered the Malay Language Critical and Creative Writing Kit, which nurtures and equips students with strong linguistic skills. Together with a team of teachers, Asmadi also trained a group of students who won the Best Performance Award in the NUS Inter-School Poetry Competition in 2004. He also spearheaded the Malay Language Workshop (Bengkel Bicara Sukses) for teachers and students since 2009. For his extensive contributions to the education service, Asmadi was presented the Most Innovative Teacher Award (2004) and Outstanding Contribution Award- Individual (2006) & Team (2007, 2008 & 2009). He has also undergone International Baccalaureate’s specialised training in teaching Malay and in guiding students for their Extended Essays.