SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Bao Hongliang is an experienced teacher with 21 years of teaching experience in the Chinese language. He graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language & Literature, and obtained his Masters in Information Technology in Education from the University of Sydney in 2005.

Hongliang previously taught Chinese at Montfort Secondary School, where he played the role of Subject Head. After that, he taught at Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, before joining SOTA. He has experience in teaching various syllabi such as Chinese B, Express Chinese, Higher Chinese etc.

During his time teaching at different schools, Hongliang gained experience in teaching students across different levels. He believes in teaching in line with students’ abilities and always explains difficult concepts simply. He also utilises various IT tools to facilitate his teaching, believing that information technology helps accelerate learners’ cognition.

While at Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, Hongliang was also a teacher-in-charge of the School’s AVA Club. He has experience and passion in organising stage performance events and appreciates various forms of art.

With his passion in Chinese teaching and art appreciation, Hongliang hopes to help students improve their Chinese standards, and make them love learning Chinese.