SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Nicholas Zeng
  • Subject Head, Student Leadership
  • Teacher, Faculty of Student Development

Nicholas Zeng taught English, Literature and General Paper at Secondary and Junior College levels. He has also had the opportunity to work on Character and Citizenship Education at the Ministry of Education, Singapore, and serve as a teacher-in-charge of a Students’ Council. He believes that an analytical and curious mind, an open and generous heart, and a courageous and resilient spirit, are what every student should develop in the course of their education, and seeks to do all he can to support and facilitate this.

Nicholas studied Literature at university and wrote his undergraduate thesis on detective fiction. He continues to enjoy reading detective novels, especially those which straddle the boundaries of genre fiction and literary art. He also has an abiding passion for opera, having been introduced to it through Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse novels, and owns four complete Wagner’s Ring cycles on CD and DVD.