SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Gerard Yee has been in education since 2001 and has taught Literature, General Paper and Project Work at Pre-University Level. Prior to joining SOTA, he has been in different postings in MOE such as Curriculum Planning Division, English Language Institute of Singapore as well as Head of Department roles in different Colleges. He received his B.A. (Hons) in Literature from the National University of Singapore and an M.A. (Rhetoric) from Carnegie Mellon University on a MOE Postgraduate Scholarship.

As an educator, he believes in the importance of valuing every individual child and bringing forth the child's latent abilities. An education is well-received if the learner recognises the promise in himself/herself and has the confidence to act on this belief. In his teaching practice, he strives to live up to the phrase Docendo discimus (by teaching, we learn) and believes teachers receive as much as they give in the course of living out their vocation.

He enjoys reading metrical poetry and the Financial Times Weekend when he has time and has an abiding interest in watercolour painting and antiquarian books.