SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

School & Miscellaneous Fees

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For Year of Admission in 2025

Year 1 to Year 4
Monthly Fees Singapore Citizens (SC) Permanent Residents (PR) Foreign Students (ASEAN) Foreign Students (Non-ASEAN)
School Fees $350 $815 $2,375* $3,065*
Miscellaneous Fees $40

Year 5 to Year 6
Monthly Fees Singapore Citizens (SC) Permanent Residents (PR) Foreign Students (ASEAN) Foreign Students (Non-ASEAN)
School Fees $450 $915 $2,475* $3,165*
Miscellaneous Fees $40
*With effect from 1 January 2024, School fees for foreign students (ASEAN & Non-ASEAN) are subject to 9% GST.


  1. School Fees are charged based on the Year of Admission to SOTA. SOTA reserves the right to revise the school fees from time to time.
  2. All school fees and charges shall be paid in Singapore dollars (inclusive of GST). School fees are payable monthly in advance from January to December of each calendar year.
  3. Students who have been retained will be charged the fees of the cohort that they join (e.g. A student who joined SOTA in Year 1 in 2024 and retained as Year 1 in 2025 will be charged the school fees for Year of Admission 2025).
  4. An enrichment programme fee, which varies from level to level due to different enrichment programmes planned, will be collected at the beginning of each year.
  5. Students who require financial assistance for fees may refer to information provided on the SOTA Bursary and Scholarships page HERE.

Miscellaneous Fees

The monthly miscellaneous fees payable is $40 (inclusive of GST). This will cover the costs for Student Protection Plan (Insurance), transportation costs for local learning journeys and outdoor learning, partial cost of materials used by students, network accessibility and other facilities provided by SOTA to students.

Miscellaneous fees are subject to change and can take effect 6 months after notice is provided. A reasonable notice period will be given to parents for all fee revisions.

Other Fees

For Music students, the Music curriculum offers each student an average of 28 individual lessons with a professional teacher per calendar year. In the event the student misses a lesson, without a seven-day advance notification or a valid medical certificate, a fee of $139.10 (inclusive of GST) will be imposed.

Mode of Payment

Payment for the above fees is collected through monthly GIRO deduction. A deduction will be made from your bank account on the 8th of every month. Should the GIRO deduction fail, a bank administrative charge will be levied and deducted together with the outstanding fee through the second deduction on the 18th of the same month. If the 8th or 18th of the month falls on a weekend or public holiday, the deduction will be made on the following working day.

Refund of Fees

No refund of school fees, miscellaneous fees or registration fees, in part or in whole, shall be granted at all times.