SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Mother Tongue Languages
Through the learning of Mother Tongue Languages in SOTA, students will not only gain knowledge and understanding of languages and culture, but also skills in creative writing, inquiry-based learning and problem-solving. They will discover and connect with their heritage as they go beyond the language to explore various topics and literary works in their respective Mother Tongues, be it Chinese, Malay, Tamil or Hindi.

Key Programmes

  • Talent development programme, which includes workshops, participation in competitions and educational trips
  • Cultural activities such as tea art appreciation, batik painting workshops and shadow puppet making

Learning Outcomes

The Standard Level Programme aims to enable learners to:
  • Develop language skills of the target language
  • Develop the ability to use the target language appropriately and effectively for the purpose of practical communication
  • Gain awareness and appreciation of the target language’s cultural, historical and societal issues
  • Assume a positive attitude towards language learning and towards speakers of other languages, cultures and civilisations

The Higher Level Programme aims to enable learners to:
  • Develop an understanding of the characteristics of different literary devices
  • Develop a personal voice in different genres of text, while understanding the intellectual, emotional and socio-cultural influences
  • Gain insights to the culture via literary texts
  • Adopt a lifelong learning attitude in pursuing excellence in their language and analytical skills

Download the Mother Tongue Language Policy [PDF]

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