SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Students are introduced to the basics of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, before they venture into more complex topics like Human Physiology, Medicinal Chemistry and Astrophysics during their IB Diploma Programme.

They are encouraged to make meaningful connections between science and real-world phenomena, as well as apply their learning in the arts. They learn about the impact and implications of using science and technology in society, as well as the possibilities and limitations associated with science and the work of scientists.

Key Programmes

  • Arts Integration: Cell Structure and Visual Arts, Cell Processes and Film, Mole Concept and Visual Arts, Particulate Nature of Matter and Theatre, Sound and Music, and Light and Dance
  • Projects: Diversity Field Trip, Science at Home, Arts in Science, and Conquering the Red Planet
  • Enrichment: Renaissance Programme (in collaboration with the Mathematics Faculty), Coding and Robotics, Science Olympiads and Aerospace

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate scientific study and creativity within a global context
  • Acquire, apply, and use a body of knowledge, methods, and techniques that characterise science and technology
  • Develop an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and their influence on other areas of knowledge such as the arts