SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Experiential Education
Experiential Education is a philosophy of education that describes a process in which the teacher purposefully engages with students in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop students’ capacities to contribute to their communities.

At SOTA, these direct experiences are crafted through participation in sports competitions, engaging in outdoor pursuits such as orienteering, kayaking, rock climbing, and, in their IB years, participating in expeditions. Apart from the above outcomes, we also strive to foster students’ growth in their physical and kinesthetic domains. We envision that students who have graduated from SOTA will continue to pursue a lifelong interest to participate in sports and outdoor pursuits.

Key Programmes

  • Sports and Games modules for all levels
  • Outdoor pursuits such as Camping, 1 Star Kayak Certification, Coastal Kayaking, Orienteering, Challenge Rope Course, and Cycling Programme for Year 1, 2, and 3 students
  • Adventure sports modules such as Sport Climbing, Abseiling, and Bouldering for Year 5 students
  • Overseas River/Sea kayak, Trekking, and Expeditions for selected Year 5 students
  • Lifestyle fitness modules such as Weights Training for fitness, Suspension Training, Body Balance, as well as Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) for Year 6 students

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop broad-based physical competencies and opportunities for recreational participation in sports and games
  • Develop outdoor skills and cultivate an appreciation for the environment and the responsibility to safeguard it, thereby facilitating a lifelong pursuit for outdoor physical recreation
  • Pick up skills and knowledge to acquire and maintain health-enhancing fitness through regular participation in physical activities
  • Enhance teamwork, communication, and leadership skills through sports and outdoor activities