SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Through various student development programmes, SOTA nurtures leaders who will contribute positively and meaningfully to their community with their creativity and talents. These programmes develop students' social-emotional skills and leadership qualities, and encourage them to contribute meaningfully to local and global communities.

Character and Citizenship Education

SOTA adopts a whole-school and connected curriculum approach to the teaching of character and citizenship. We believe that students acquire such knowledge and skills through both formal and informal curricula of the academic, arts, and affective, and can practice them through a variety of platforms and programmes. In turn, we hope that students embody values and attributes of the IB Learner Profile to become a “H.I.P. Leader with Passion” after six years of education in SOTA.

Learning Outcomes
SOTA’s Character and Citizenship Education has the following learning outcomes that are intentionally integrated into the design of learning activities in the classroom and Student Development Experiences (SDEs)*:
  • Develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal effectiveness and well-being, demonstrating passion in our commitments
  • Demonstrate people-centeredness by developing social awareness and managing relationships for personal and social well-being
  • Act with integrity and humility, and make responsible decisions and act on them
  • Be a H.I.P. Leader with Passion by contributing actively to our nation and reflecting on community and global issues

* Adapted from MOE CCE Implementation Handbook - CCE Learning Outcomes

The above outcomes are explicitly taught in CCE class-based lessons, and integrated in the appropriate academic and arts curriculum, as well as various school-based programmes.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy (LeAd) is a student leadership body that helps students learn about leadership. Students who join LeAd take part in a leadership development programme that focuses on inculcating values, imparting leadership knowledge and providing platforms for students to practise leadership.

Key Programmes
  • Leadership Campaign Trail
  • Leadership Development Retreat
  • Culture building through celebration of key school and NE events
  • Mentoring of junior leaders by seniors
Learning Outcomes
At the end of their term of service, LeAd students should:
  • Articulate and display the values of Humility, Integrity, People-centredness and Passion
  • Possess the traits of the IB Learner Profile as described by IBO and be able to articulate and display these dispositions
  • Possess the ability to lead or collaborate with others on projects to positively impact the school and the community
  • Have been part of a group/committee that organised a major school event/function

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