SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Students specialising in Dance will embrace a mind-body approach in learning about the body’s capabilities for movement and expression. They will develop confidence as performers and creators, armed with knowledge about dance across cultures and history.

Students will be encouraged to be inquisitive and reflective as they develop analytical and critical thinking skills through theoretical exposure. They will be disciplined, resilient learners who are passionate about dance.

Key Programmes

  • Training in ballet and contemporary dance techniques, movement and improvisation, composition and analysis, and dance contextual studies
  • Workshops and masterclasses in various dance genres by local and international guest artists
  • Showcases, studio presentations, and choreographic platforms
  • Excursions to dance performances

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop proficient knowledge and awareness of the body through exposure to and practice of various dance techniques
  • Develop composition and analytical skills for creative expression and communicating ideas through choreography
  • Understand the importance of protecting, maintaining, and preserving the dancer’s body
  • Understand the histories, issues, and theoretical frameworks that support the manifestation of dance
  • Gain knowledge and exposure to a wide range of dance genres, which include ballet, contemporary dance, and Southeast Asian dance forms

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