SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Students specialising in Film at Year 5 and 6 will explore film as a cinematic art form and track its development through history, theory, and production techniques. They will learn to balance theory and practice, and deconstruct film for meanings through its language and grammar. They will understand film as a cultural document for exploration of issues ranging from formal aesthetics to historical representation, from the regional film industries to transnational audience reception. They will also gain an understanding of the influence of the time and space in which a film is made.

As film is teeming with artistic possibilities, students will acquire the technical and collaborative skills to create original work, which they will showcase.

Key Programmes

  • Masterclasses, talks, and workshops by film professionals
  • Study trips and competition opportunities
  • Screening of students’ original short films

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of film as an art form
  • Acquire the practical and technical skills of film production
  • Be able to formulate stories and ideas in cinematic form
  • Be able to critically evaluate film
  • Be exposed to filmmaking traditions from more than one culture or time period

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