SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
The Film programme is for Year 5 and 6 students. Students specialising in Film will explore the history, theory and creative process of filmmaking, and delve into how meaning is constructed through film. Students will learn how film is influenced by – and is in part a product of – history, tradition, economy, and society. They will acquire the technical skills, structure, discipline, and social skills required in filmmaking.

Key Programmes

  • Masterclasses, talks, and workshops by film professionals
  • Student exchange and visits with partner institutions
  • Overseas study trips and competition opportunities
  • Screening of students’ original short films
  • Opportunities to be involved in local professional film productions

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire an understanding of film as a complex art form
  • Demonstrate the ability to formulate stories and ideas in film terms
  • Acquire practical and technical skills of film production
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate film productions
  • Acquire knowledge of filmmaking traditions in more than one country