SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Students specialising in Music will experience the spectrum of music, from voice and instrumental study, to music theory and analysis, and composition. They will discover music from around the world and examine the development of music across traditions and history. They will also develop craft, perspectives and dispositions of a musician, which will enrich their journey in any field beyond SOTA.

Creating and Performing Tracks

The Music Faculty offers the Creating and Performing Tracks to our music students. Music is an art form that requires both the conceptualisation and development of ideas, as well as the ability to express those ideas through an instrument/voice.

Creating Track

The Creating Track programme aims to hone and develop students’ creative abilities and skills, as well as further their potential as music arrangers, sound designers, improvisers, or composition specialists.

Performing Track

The Performing Track programme aims to develop students’ potential in the areas of musical performance, musical interpretation, as well as musicianship.

Key Programmes

  • Performance opportunities
  • Learning journeys to concerts of diverse musical offerings
  • Masterclasses by renowned local and international artists
  • Creating-related programmes: music technology workshops, composition workshops, and collaborations (e.g. with National Gallery Singapore and National Library Board)
  • World Music workshops by specialists from different musical cultures

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop critical thinking and listening skills
  • Develop musicianship skills
  • Develop creative approaches to music through composition and collaborative music-making
  • Understand and apply elements and concepts of music to every aspect of the musical pursuit
  • Demonstrate musicianship in solo and chamber music, as well as in improvisational situations

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