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Impact 2022

Impact is an annual fundraising show that is organised by School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) to raise funds for the SOTA Endowment Fund (SEF).

Like the roots of a tree, the SEF was set up in 2019 to serve as a strong foundation towards growing a self-sustainable source of funds for the school in providing our students with bursaries, scholarships and other financial assistance. The fund ensures that SOTA’s unique arts education remains accessible so that no child gets left behind due to financial disadvantage.

Supporting our school’s vision to nurture the next generation of cultural leaders who positively impact society, the annual fundraising show draws inspiration from a Singaporean cultural leader who has made significant contributions in shaping Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape. Young aspiring artists at SOTA are encouraged to learn from the stories and works of these pioneers, in turn creating new and original works for the show.

Featuring Dance, Film, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts works by the SOTA community, Impact is a carefully crafted multidisciplinary showcase that is cohesive and rich in meaning. It is a celebration of everything that makes the SOTA education experience unique.


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IMPACT 2022 is a vibrant multidisciplinary performance experience, featuring entirely original works created by SOTA students, alumni and staff. This showcase features Dance, Film, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts, including many interdisciplinary collaborations.

We promise you an evening of inspiration and stimulation as we explore the themes and sensibilities of the artist Tang Da Wu, who is a spirited artist of many mediums. As an educator and activist, he has inspired generations of artists of different disciplines with his experimental and pioneering vision. In 1988, Tang Da Wu founded The Artists Village and continues to be an iconic figure for the local artistic community today.

Come enjoy an evening of striking sights and sounds, centred on themes of nature and identity, in a warm communal meeting place of tradition, experimentation and innovation. Our students, alumni and staff have spent many months drawing inspiration from Tang Da Wu's life and work, in order to bring this memorable experience to you.

Impact 2022 — SOTA Fundraising Show
11 November, 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Level 2, SOTA Drama Theatre
(Locate Us)

The proceeds from this annual fundraising show will go towards the SOTA Endowment Fund which provides students with bursaries, scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance.

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Together, we can make an Impact.

Meet Year 5 Visual Arts students Clariss and Emma, the student designers behind the Impact logo!

Meet 2017 Dance graduate Joan Dwiartanto, who is producing an original dance film for Impact! Learn about her time in Juilliard, her success in dance filmmaking, and why she decided to contribute her time and effort to Impact.

Get a sneak peek into what you can expect to see at our Drama Theatre on November 11!

Missed the show? Check out this highlight reel to find out what went down at Impact 2022!