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IMPACT 2023 is a multidisciplinary performance honouring the life and music of the late Zubir Said (1907-1987), the composer of Singapore's national anthem and other well-loved songs like Semoga Bahagia (Children's Day song). Featuring live renditions of Pak Zubir Said's music, the production also features dramatic scenes from his colourful life, depicted through Dance, Film, Music, Literary Arts, Theatre and Visual Arts. The show is collaboratively created by SOTA students, alumni and staff.

We promise you a fun and heartwarming evening as we explore the themes drawn from Zubir Said's inspiring life journey as a visionary composer and arts educator who hailed from Sumatra and made Singapore his home. Zubir Said has influenced generations of musicians and arts educators, and also touched many lives with his many film scores from the golden age of Singapore cinema.

Come enjoy a festive evening of heart, soul, story and song. Our students, alumni and staff have spent many months drawing inspiration from Zubir Said's life and music, in order to bring this memorable experience to you.

The proceeds from this annual fundraising show will go towards the SOTA Endowment Fund which provides students with bursaries, scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance.

Together, we can make an Impact.

Event Details
Friday, 10 November 2023
7.30pm - 9.00pm
Level 2, SOTA Drama Theatre
(Locate Us)
Ticket Prices
Stall $50 | Circle $25
Ticketing Link
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View the Programme booklet here.

Impact 2023 Key Visual and Artist Statement

Impact 2023 Key VisualThe main visual for Impact 2023 was designed by Year 6 Visual Arts IBCP student, Zhu Di. Zhu Di wanted her artwork to tell the story of Zubir Said’s lifetime dedication to music. Zhu Di was drawn to the relationship Zubir Said had with his pet bird and the iconic image of the bird resting on his pipe, and chose to also capture this in her artwork. His hand clutches a musical score while gazing towards the horizon. In the backdrop, the setting sun rays symbolise the passing of his torch to young aspiring artists.

Impact is an annual fundraising show that is organised by School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) to raise funds for the SOTA Endowment Fund (SEF).

Like the roots of a tree, the SEF was set up in 2019 to serve as a strong foundation towards growing a self-sustainable source of funds for the school in providing our students with bursaries, scholarships and other financial assistance. The fund ensures that SOTA’s unique arts education remains accessible so that no child gets left behind due to financial disadvantage.

Supporting our school’s vision to nurture the next generation of cultural leaders who positively impact society, the annual fundraising show draws inspiration from a Singaporean cultural leader who has made significant contributions in shaping Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape. Young aspiring artists at SOTA are encouraged to learn from the stories and works of these pioneers, in turn creating new and original works for the show.

Featuring Dance, Film, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts works by the SOTA community, Impact is a carefully crafted multidisciplinary showcase that is cohesive and rich in meaning. It is a celebration of everything that makes the SOTA education experience unique.

About the Logo

Impact LogoThe Impact logo was designed by Visual Arts students Clariss Tan and Emma Grace Sung. The students used two triangles replacing the 'a' to represent a fast-forward icon that illustrates how the SOTA Endowment Fund is forward-looking. The students also wanted to capture the idea of a blank canvas similar to the SOTA logo, to demonstrate that despite the different environments the logo may be placed in, it is able to adapt. Much like the adaptability of artists such as themselves, and their ability to make an Impact in any environment.


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