SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

The Integrated Arts programme is unique to SOTA, where students are exposed to the range of arts disciplines represented, and guided to explore the connections among the different arts disciplines.

Opportunities are provided for students to collaborate within a range of creative contexts. Students develop skills in collaborative work, as well as Studio Habits of Mind such as observing, reflecting, envisioning, and evaluating through this programme.


Key Programmes

  • Introduction of key concepts from the five art disciplines (Dance, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts) in an experiential learning environment
  • Collaborative projects examining interdisciplinary approaches
  • Mentorship by artist-teachers

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire an understanding of the common threads across different art forms
  • Understand the different paradigms of art making
  • Be able to take creative risk by embracing diversity
  • Develop an understanding of the creative process through empathy and openness

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