SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Literary Arts is the integrative discipline of ideation, literary appreciation and multi-modal creative writing.

The programme focuses on rigorous ideation and the expression of written ideas across Page, Stage and Screen. Students in the Literary Arts programme will explore the six writing forms, namely Non-Fiction, Short Fiction, Novel, Poetry, Scriptwriting and Graphic Novel.

Students will be exposed to an array of works in each of the representative forms. They will learn the conventions, elements and techniques of each form and apply them in creating their original written works.

At the end of the programme, students of Literary Arts will be empowered to build their own literary worlds across multiple modes, while recognising that words have the power to change society and even the world.


Key Programmes

  • Individual or small group mentorship by teachers
  • Masterclasses by exemplary writers in each of the six writing forms
  • Mentorship by international and local Writers-in-Residence
  • Participation in writing workshops, conferences, both local and abroad
  • Opportunities for publication

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to ideate with flair
  • Develop and demonstrate the ability to analyse, understand and apply literary techniques and craft
  • Be able to create original works in each of the six forms using the appropriate conventions and elements associated with the six writing forms
  • Be able to communicate well and work collaboratively with others

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