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The Hothouse
The Hothouse
13-15 October 2022
Harold Pinter’s The Hothouse is part social critique, part existential questioning, and full of devastating hilarity. Set in a psychiatric hospital where the sanity of the caregivers themselves is put in question – does anyone care at all, and does the system care for anything besides itself? Get your tickets for this IBCP Theatre showcase now!
The Hothouse
Impact 2022 - SOTA Fundraising Show
11 November 2022
IMPACT 2022 is a vibrant multidisciplinary performance experience, featuring entirely original works created by SOTA students, alumni and staff. The annual fundraising show draws inspiration from Singaporean cultural leaders and encourages students to learn from the life and works of these pioneers. Get your tickets now!


House of Sound
House of Sound
16 September 2022
This showcase is an amalgamation of music from various genres, representing the shared identity of the graduating class of 2022. Get your tickets now!
SOTA POP/Jazz Band
SOTA POP/Jazz Band @ Singapore Night Festival
26 August 2022
SOTA POP/Jazz band makes its first performance at the Singapore Night Festival to bring you a charged setlist for the final weekend of the festival. Get ready for a groovy evening!
Pocket Pugs
Pocket Pugs @ Singapore Night Festival
19 August 2022
Rock out to your favourite songs from the 80s, 90s and recent chart toppers with SOTA's very own Pocket Pugs, as they share their take on hit tunes and present several jazz numbers.
Visual Arts
PALINDROME | Year 5 Visual Arts Showcase
6-14 August 2022
The works in this exhibition are an amalgamation of the creative talents our Year 5 Visual Arts students developed ardently over years of practicing their crafts.
Take the Stage
Take the Stage
30 June - 5 August 2022
Donate to our campaign and play a part in helping young aspiring artists Take the Stage!
Voices In Song
Voices in Song 2022
5 August 2022
Come hear the SOTA Voices spice up old Italian classical favourites with a dash of Musical Theatre, Pop and Jazz!