SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
We are experiencing a high volume of calls during this period. You are strongly encouraged to check the respective categories' "How to Apply" and "Eligibility Criteria" tabs to learn more about their respective admission and application process. For further clarifications, please fill out the Admission Enquiry Form here.

Supplementary Intake Exercise 2021 [CLOSED]

24 November to 26 November

Online Application for SIE for Dance, Music and Theatre art forms opened on 24 November, 11:00 am and closed on 26 November, 11:00 am. The SIE is now closed and results have been released to all applicants.

Indication of Interest for Supplementary Intake Exercise 2021 [CLOSED]

1 November to 22 November

Applicants who are interested to apply to SOTA via the SIE are also to concurrently take part in the MOE Secondary One (S1) Posting Exercise for the posting of Secondary School and Third Language (if applicable). Successful SIE applicants who have accepted SOTA’s SIE offer will not be posted to another school under the S1 Posting Exercise. Applicants who have opted for Third Language in the S1 Posting Exercise will still be processed based on their Third Language choices.

Only shortlisted applicants will be informed and invited to attend a selection audition and interview.

Interested applicants are strongly advised to indicate their interest online via SOTA’s TA Portal and upload the required documents by 22 November 2021.
We have concluded the 2021 Talent Academy and all shortlisted candidates have been informed of the outcome via the TA Portal on 6 September 2021.
SOTA conducts ONE (1) Admission Exercise a year through the Talent Academy (TA), which will take place between June to September this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

What is the Talent Academy (TA)?

The TA is SOTA’s Direct School Admissions (DSA) platform. TA activities will include the following:
  • Individual auditions or portfolio presentations and interview
  • Panel interview
  • Online questionnaire
  • Entrance tests
For shortlisted candidates not studying in a local MOE mainstream school only. All shortlisted candidates must complete all TA activities within the stipulated time.

Parents and pupils are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the pupil’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind SOTA’s academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

Application Period

  • Application opened on 9 April 2021 and closed on 18 May 2021, 5:00 pm, Singapore Time (SGT).

Categories to apply to

Applicants may apply via the following categories:

Category Level of Admission for Academic Year 2022 Who Can Apply For More Information
DSA-Secondary Year 1
(Secondary 1 Express)
Primary 6 PSLE pupils Click here
DSA-Secondary (Non-MOE) Year 1
(Grade 7)
Grade 6 pupils Click here
DSA-Junior Colleges Year 5
Secondary 4 Express, and Secondary 5 Normal Academic GCE ‘O’ Level students Click here

There are no available vacancies for Year 2 and 3 admission
Year 2
(Sec 2 Express/Grade 8)

Year 3
(Sec 3 Express/Grade 9)

Year 5
(Grade 11)
Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Grade 10 students
Click here There are no available vacancies for Year 2 and 3 admission
DSA-Secondary and DSA-Secondary (Non-MOE) applicants who wish to apply to SOTA are not required to submit an application via MOE’s DSA-Sec Portal. This applies only to applications to SOTA.