SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
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Providing dinner for the Year 6s studying for their IB exams Celebrating Racial Harmony Day with the School

We are a group of parents who are passionate about providing support to enrich the environment for our children’s learning in the school. If you have a child in SOTA, do join in the SOTA Parent Support Group as a volunteer to give our children the best educational experience!

The SOTA Parent Support Group:

  • Supports and strengthens the school events/ programmes
  • Builds rapport and supports the teachers to bring out the best in the students
  • Supports other parents on the parenting journey
  • Facilitates communication between parents and the school

Get to know us better:


How to join us:

You can just write to us at [email protected], no membership fee is required!

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Conducting ‘Skills for Life’ workshops for students

Teachers’ Day celebration – Dessert buffet for teachers