SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Principal Office
  • Angela Tay, Personal Assistant

Office of Corporate Communications
  • Michelle Liew, Senior Manager
  • Eileen Ng, Manager
  • Valerie Pereira, Senior Executive
  • Carine Fong, Executive
  • Chua Si Min, Executive
  • Nicholas Tang, Executive

Office of Human Resources
  • Wee Siew Kheem, Senior Manager
  • Hazel Koh, Manager
  • Bibiana Peng, Senior Executive
  • Hong Kailin, Senior Executive
  • Vani Jacinta, Senior Executive
  • Wong Shiya, Senior Executive

Office of Property Management
  • Aron Ang, Manager
  • Andre Joey Barola, Assistant Manager
  • Michelle Wong, M&E Senior Executive
  • Constance Loh, Senior Executive
  • Aung Min Tun, Senior Technician
  • Lawrence Chai, Senior Technician
  • Koh Chiew Peng, Technician

Office of Technology Management
  • Elizabeth Tay, Senior Manager
  • Lee Wee Boon, Assistant Manager
  • Wong Ho Wing, Senior IT Analyst
  • Muhammad Herwan Bin Roslee, IT Executive
  • Tang Geok Hoon, Support Assistant, Technical

Office of Administration
  • Grace Chan, Manager
  • Alycia Renee Finley, Senior Executive
  • Kok Li Lian, Senior Executive
  • Ng Siew Ling, Senior Executive
  • Dharamraj Manoja, Executive
  • Farah Leong, Executive
  • Nur Fadzila Abdul Rahman, Executive
  • Yan Wye Kuin, Executive
  • Lear Teo, Assistant

Office of Finance
  • Cheong Ai Lin, Accountant
  • Esther Ong, Accountant
  • Lim Fanghan, Accountant
  • Lois Foo, Accountant
  • Aziemah Sapari, Executive
  • Darlyna Fairul, Executive

Office of Procurement
  • Grace Tan, Manager
  • Jacqueline Tan, Senior Executive
  • June Ng, Senior Executive
  • Lee Suling, Buyer
  • Noorina Amin, Buyer

Office of Student Affairs
  • Adeline Bai, Manager
  • Tan Joo May, Assistant Manager
  • Ariana Binte Selamat, Senior Executive
  • Stacey Zhang, Senior Executive
  • Yang Fransin, Senior Executive
  • Siti Ramli, Executive

Library Information & Services
  • Siti Norlizan, Senior Executive
  • Serene Cai, Senior Library Executive

Office of Venue Management
  • Jennifer Tan, Senior Manager
  • Danny Yip, Manager
  • Amanda Ang, Front of House Supervisor
  • Sadrina Latiff, Front of House Supervisor
  • Josiah Yoong, Production Coordinator
  • Noriskandar Bin Abdul Rahman, Production Coordinator
  • Stefanie Chan, Production Coordinator
  • Eng Tet Chye, Senior Technician
  • Mohamed Noh Bin Abdul Aziz, Senior Technician
  • Muhammad Zaki Bin Ramli, Senior Technician
  • Kamarudin Bin Junet, Technician
  • Muhammad Fazli Bin Hussain, Technician
  • Ong Poh Li, Technician
  • William Ong, Technician