SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Hu Jingying graduated from Jiangxi Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Literature and a Master of Arts degree in Chinese Linguistics. She subsequently obtained a Master’s Degree of Science in Knowledge Management from Nanyang Technological University. She has also undergone International Baccalaureate’s specialised training in teaching Chinese.

Jingying taught Higher Chinese, Chinese and Basic Chinese for eight years at Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School (AISS). She was appointed as the facilitator of a Professional Learning Community and developed an Oral package and an Essay Writing package for the Chinese unit. She had her teacher-work-attachment at the Ministry of Education Curriculum Planning and Development Division in December 2011, where she worked in a team to design and review Higher Mother Tongue textbooks.

In 2011, she guided students in the National Chinese Language DV Roving Competition, and their news report was selected to be shown on local Mandarin media channel Channel 8. In 2012, she mentored students in the Create Your Own Newspaper Competition organised by Zaobao Comma, and her students won First Place in the Lower Secondary Category and the Most In-Depth Report of the Lower Secondary Category. Their news report was published on Zaobao Comma.

Since 2008, Jingying took on many key roles in National Exams and school events. She was appointed as the Chief Presiding Examiner for the O Level Exam in 2013 and Presiding Examiner in 2012. She was the overall-in-charge of the Shanghai Twinning Programme in 2011 and the school's National Education Coordinator in 2015. She also headed the Chinese New Year concert in 2012 and 2013 and was the stage manager of Chinese New Year concert in 2011.

As the overall-in-charge of AISS Girl Guides for five years, Jingying planned the trainings for the Girl Guides and led the team in many activities such as fundraising, camps, outdoor challenge, service learning projects. She was also in charge of the Karaoke Singing Competition for North Division Girl Guides in 2015.

Jingying has a keen interest in Art. She learnt oil painting for 1 year and has been learning photography for 2 years. She contributed several travelling articles together with photos published in MyPaper since 2014. During her pursuit of Master’s Degree in China, she participated in Jiangxi Province Post-Graduate English Speech Contest (Non-English Major) and was awarded the Third Prize by Office of Education, Jiangxi Province. She performed in group dances in several school events when she was in her secondary school, high school and university. In 2011, Jingying and one of her students choreographed a dance piece for AISS Girl Guides to participate in the Girl Guides North Division Fusion Dance Competition, where the contingent eventually clinched the first prize.