SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Empathetic H.I.P.P. Leader

SOTA seeks to develop future cultural leaders with:
  • H umility
  • I ntegrity
  • P eople-centredness
  • P assion

Through the affective programmes, SOTA nurtures leaders who will contribute positively and meaningfully to their community with their creativity and talents. Programmes and activities such as Student Development, Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Programme, Level camps, Community Service programme, Experiential Education (EXE) and leadership expeditions develop students’ social-emotional skills and leadership qualities.

SOTA also has a dedicated team of teacher-mentors, comprising Class, Year, Arts, and Academic Mentors to meet our students’ social-emotional, artistic and academic needs while supporting their holistic development as empathetic H.I.P. Leaders with Passion.