SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Duties and Responsibilities of Visual Arts Technician

Workshop technicians assist teachers in their planning and conducting of lessons in line with the School’s strategic thrusts and objectives. Workshop technicians implement, monitor and review processes and procedures that support the delivery of core visual arts curriculum, and provide support and technical assistance on key school-wide initiatives. They are expected to constantly learn new knowledge and skills by keeping up to date with developments in their area of expertise and in the arts.

The responsibilities and duties are:

  • Implement and monitor work process in the workshops to ensure smooth and effective delivery of lessons, workshops and showcases
  • Implement and monitor safety procedures and processes for the safety and security of all users of workshops and facilities
  • Be responsible for online and physical management of inventory, resources and stock-taking to ensure optimal utilisation of resources and budget
  • Be responsible for the maintenance of equipment, machines and tools for safety, efficiency and effectiveness of use
  • Provide duty of care for students using the workshops and facilities
  • Provide technical advice, support and assistance to teachers in their delivery of lessons, workshops and showcases
  • Liaise with suppliers and vendors, and relevant administrative personnel to ensure timely provision and regular stocking up of art supplies in the classrooms, studios and workshops

Job Specification:

  • Have a diploma, degree or professional qualification in a discipline relevant to visual arts
  • Have at least 3 years’ of teaching support/technician experience at pre-tertiary levels (Secondary or Junior College level) in one or more of the following areas:


  • Apply knowledge of ceramic material properties (physical, chemical, heat-resistant properties)
  • Carry out pugging, recycling, and make up glazes, slips and pigments from raw materials
  • Handle and monitor firing of ceramic materials / pieces
  • Maintain kilns and support servicing
  • Provide technical and safety advice and support to teachers and students


  • Apply knowledge of various printmaking techniques including relief printing, intaglio printing, screen printing and monotype printing
  • Handle, maintain and support servicing of printmaking equipment, including photo silkscreen UV exposure unit and press
  • Provide technical and safety advice and support to teachers and students


  • Apply knowledge of various material properties, including wood, epoxy, resin, plastic, metal
  • Carry out storage and organisation of raw materials
  • Handle and process raw materials to prepare for learning purposes
  • Maintain and support servicing of machines and power tools
  • Provide technical and safety advice and support to teachers and students
  • Be able to use ICT manage online data and resources
  • Have a broad and thorough knowledge of visual arts
  • Be self-motivated, responsible, caring and innovative
  • Be able to work well in teams


If you would like to apply, email us at [email protected] with your updated curriculum vitae and indicate the position title you are applying for in the subject field for all position tabs.