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Step 1: Remove the cut-out from the sleeve. Fold along the dotted lines and insert the flap into the slot to form a prism structure.

Step 2: Dim the lights and set your mobile phone's brightness level to the highest.

Step 3: Play the below video in full screen on your mobile phone.

Step 4: Place your prism structure on the centre of your mobile phone screen in an inverted position.

Step 5: Hold the mobile phone with the prism structure at your eye-level and watch the SOTA Literary poem unfold!

The following video is produced by our Year 4 Visual Arts student, Hu Yihui.
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Paper Plane

by Tian Flynn Sundermann, Year 1 Literary Arts student

The thin vessel
through the thick air


Guided by the wind,
elegantly untamed


You may give the push.
but the journey
is up to it