SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore

Envisioned as jewels embedded within a gargantuan mass of stone, carved out and chiselled to reveal dynamic volumes in various proportions, are three main performing arts venues at School of the Arts, Singapore. The in-between cavernous voids define the theatre pre-function foyers of the Studio Theatre, Drama Theatre and Music Auditorium, set amidst several smaller informal performing spaces and art galleries.

The raking horseshoe shell of the Drama Theatre is distinctly visible from its pre-function space, with a curved platform stage set in at its base to allow for planned or spontaneous performances. Comfortably cooled by natural ventilation and softly brushed by natural daylight, these tropical indoor/outdoor theatre pre-function foyers with their folded, moulded, flowing and faceted backdrop greet patrons with an inspiring and stimulating welcome, and offer a tantalising foretaste to the whole theatregoing experience.


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Performing Arts Venues

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