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"Songs for July" by Thng Ai Wei

Published on Nov 01, 2019

Congratulations to Class of 2017 Visual Arts alumna Thng Ai Wei on publishing her very own artbook, Songs for July!

songs for july image_Thng Ai Wei
Photo courtesy of Thng Ai Wei

Wholly written and illustrated by Ai Wei, Songs for July is a story about three individuals struggling with urban depression. The characters encounter 15 songs contributed by 15 individual 'DJs', which help things get better. In fact, the 'DJs' are inspired by Ai Wei's family members and friends - many of whom are fellow SOTA alumni - who shared their stories about the songs that keep them going, the importance of art and music to them, and how they cope with setbacks.

Songs for July is a product of Ai Wei's efforts over the past year, as she juggled her love for art-making with her studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) where she is reading psychology and linguistics. Find out more about Ai Wei's works HERE.