SOTA: School of the Arts Singapore
Photos courtesy of the National Arts Council

National Chinese Music Competition 2014 

Congratulations to the following Year 6 Music students for their achievements in the National Chinese Music Competition 2014!

  • Koh Cheng Jin: First place in the Open Category (Yangqin)
  • Wang Yulin: Second place in the Open Category (Guzheng)

Mathematics Achievements

Several of our Year 1 to 5 students participated in the International Continuous Assessment for Schools (ICAS) on 30 July and the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) on 7 August. At the ICAS, our students achieved 3 high distinction awards and 6 high distinction awards, placing our high distinction awardees at the top 1% in Singapore and our distinction awardees among the next top 10%. At the AMC, we had 10 distinction awardees, ranking them among the top 15% of participants worldwide in their respective categories.

Congratulations to all our award winners!

ICAS Award Winners:
High Distinction (Top 1% in Singapore)

  1. Adelle Chan Min Hui
  2. Dianne Loh Wen Hui
  3. Low Sun Yuan

Distinction (Next Top 10% in Singapore)

  1. Joanne Ng
  2. Allison Tan Sue Min
  3. Wee Jin Ting Cheri
  4. Christian Liu
  5. Leong Su Yean
  6. Tan Ning Ci Caitlin

AMC Award Winners:
Distinction (Top 15% Worldwide)

  1. Nur Sabrina Bte Mohamad Suhaimi
  2. Teng Xujing
  3. Beatrix Adelle Chan Min Hui
  4. Joanne Ng
  5. Guan Yanci
  6. Alison Ng
  7. Allison Tan Sue Min
  8. Dianne Loh Wen Hui
  9. Low Sun Yuan
  10. Wee Jin Ting Cheri

8th Singapore National Junior Watercolour Competition 

Some of our Visual Arts students participated in the Singapore Watercolour Society’s (SWS) 8th Singapore National Junior Watercolour Competition on 6 September 2014. Winning works were exhibited along with works by professional artists at SWS’ 45th Annual Exhibition at the ARTrium at MICA Building from 6 to 10 September 2014.

  • Ler Jia Ying (Year 3) - 2nd prize
  • Janice Yap En Ning (Year 2) - 3rd prize
  • Chua Zixin (Year 2) - Consolation prize
  • Rachel Heng Xin Yue (Year 2, not pictured) - Consolation prize

New Zealand School of Dance

Two SOTA Dance students will further their training at the New Zealand School of Dance in 2015. Congratulations and best wishes to Jill Goh Su-Jen, who will be a Contemporary Dance major, and Goh Shyan Kai Isaac, a Classical Ballet major.


National Secondary School Chinese Editorial Competition 

Two groups of our Year 4 Bilingual students took part in the National Secondary School Chinese Editorial Competition, where one group was awarded the 3rd prize and one group won the commendation prize. Congratulations!

3rd Position:

  1. Hu Zhenqi (Leader)
  2. Cheri Wee
  3. Hoi Siuyan
  4. Howen Lam

Commendation Prize:

  1. Cally Tan Yingtong (leader)
  2. Beatrice Leong
  3. Goh Eu Shawn
  4. Caleb Lau Kah Loke

Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing Summer School 

In June, several Dance students attended the annual week-long Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing Summer School, culminating in a performance featuring all participants and an awards ceremony for outstanding students.

Congratulations to the following SOTA students who won awards:

Timothy Michael Ching (Year 1)
Sarah Shahbal Tan Chin (Year 1)

Allison Tan Sue Min (Year 2)
Chiew Jing-Fu Vera (Year 2)
Er Xiu Wen Felicia (Year 2)
Kow Qi Wei Bernadette (Year 2)

Kevin Glenn Calauad Tristan (Year 3)
Maria Joan Antoaldina Dwiartanto (Year 3)
Tan Wei-Qi Natalie (Year 3)

Chan Gladys (Year 4)
Wong Ting Wei (Year 4)


Raffles International Music Festival 2014 

Music students Thong Wei Ling (Year 4, violin) and Ronan Lim (Year 3, violin) have distinguished themselves at the finals of the Raffles International Music Festival held at the SOTA Concert Hall on 22 August 2014.

Wei Ling was conferred the Excellent Award while Ronan was awarded the Silver Medal in the Youth Division.


Asia Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championships 2014

7 of our Year 3 students went through rigorous selection and represented Singapore in the Asia Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championships 2014 that was held last weekend (22-24 Aug). Six of them competed in the M15 Boys and Girls categories while Muhammad Irsyad participated in the M18 category. All their teams achieved second place.

The students are:

  • Ozborn Phua, O7
  • Quek Xian Yi Erwin, O8
  • Muhammad Irsyad Bin Dawood, O8>
  • Ashna Verma, O1
  • Nah Jie Hui, O1
  • Nadine Wong Yun Leng, O6
  • Tammy Koh, O6

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2014

45 SOTA students participated in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2014 (Junior and Senior Categories) on 3 June this year. Our Junior Team achieved two Bronze Awards and four Honourable Mentions in the competition, while our Senior Team received one Bronze Award.

Bronze Award:

  1. Guan Yanci (Year 1)
  2. Ng Alison (Year 2)
  3. Wee Jin Ting Cheri (Year 3)

Honourable Mention:

  1. Adelle Chan Min Hui (Year 1)
  2. Nur Sabrina Bte Mohamad Suhaimi (Year 1)
  3. Diane Loh Wen Hui (Year 2)
  4. Phoebe Leong Ka-yan (Year 2)

NOISE Singapore’s The Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition 

Works by Visual Arts IBCC students Ryan Benjamin Lee and Nur Aqilah Binte Hassan, Darryl Tan Shaole (Year 5), Lai Yu Tong (Year 6) and alumna Lu Kejia are featured at the NOISE Singapore’s The Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition, running from 16 August to 7 September 2014.

Our teaching faculty members Grace Tan, Robert Zhao, Liao Jiekai and Ng Shi Wen were also involved in this programme.

The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) is a visual arts mentorship programme organised by NOISE Singapore. This year, 22 established practitioners in the fields of art, design, moving images and photography guided 51 apprentices over a period of four months. The programme culminates in a group exhibition showcasing original works created by the apprentices.