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"Cloud Nine: Raining" sculpture

Published on Nov 19, 2015
"Cloud Nine: Raining" sculpture

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In SOTA, many arts teachers are practicing artists who offer students insights into the creative inspirations and perspectives of real-life practitioners. Many of them are artists in their own right, honing their craft in their specialised fields.

Mr Tan Wee Lit (Head of Visual Arts Faculty) was commissioned by the Public Art Trust and the National Arts Council to craft an art installation to mark Singapore's 50th birthday and reflect the country’s heritage and nation-building journey. 

"Cloud Nine: Raining”, a gravity-defying cloud sculpture that appears to float over the Singapore River with its endless flow of water falling from the cloud, is meant to symbolise how Singapore overcame the odds to achieve water sufficiency.

Mr Tan's sculpture is also part of the National Heritage Boards's new eight-kilometre walking trail called the "Jubilee Walk".

An article on "Cloud Nine: Raining" was also published in local Chinese newspaper, 联合早报 (Lianhe Zaobao).

[18 November 2015]


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